Label design

Vilnius Gin

Vilnius Gin was created around 50 years ago by Vilniaus Degtinė. The unique production and taste features of the drink provided the reasons to obtain registered geographical indication in 2003. 

Vilnius Gin is one of the symbol of Vilnius popular culture in the 70s’.


Redesign project aimed to bring the brand to its roots and recreate a feeling of the 70s’ in a way that could be appreciated by both traditional lovers of the brand and new generations.

Our solution was to use both sides of the bottle. The front received a bold improvisation on 70s’ design style and the back is telling the story of the city. The front label creates the outlines of human face and stress the fun part of the brand. We used various printing techniques to make the contrast and depth as strong as possible.

For the back label we created 12 illustrations and stories of important spots in Vilnius. 


Thus you can learn something new with every new product you buy. 

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IDEA Vilnius


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Art Direction




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